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As part of our ongoing focus to improve our processes, systems and service delivery, a number of key projects are underway across the University.

Service One is a staff-to-staff online service request tool that was released university-wide on 20 August 2018.

Service One has significantly simplified the process by which staff request services across the university. Staff have created over 5000 service requests using Service Once since the initial release.


Key dates
Service One was introduced university-wide on 20 August 2018. Since the initial release we have incrementally improved and developed the solution in response to staff feedback. We have added over 20 additional service requests and enhanced features and functions.

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One pathway

Service One provides a single pathway for staff to request a service in one place, find the right service request within one minute, and complete one streamlined request for each service.

Service One directly connects staff who need to request a service with staff who fulfil the service request.

Service One has three categories of service requests with an initial set of 20 which will be expanded throughout 2018:

  • Educational Services (e.g., Help with a timetable change)
  • Research Services (e.g., Help with hiring a Research Assistant)
  • General Services (e.g., Help with office space)

A submitted service request will still follow existing business processes in terms of approval and workflow.

Benefits for staff

Service One can be accessed from any desktop or mobile device (Android and iOS) through Okta.

Service One provides a consistent approach for requesting a service in a central place.

Service One will replace the many multiple‐step processes that are currently in place to request a service.

The right information will be collected at the right time, in the right order, and the request will be sent to the right person.

A single view of the service request history will be provided to reflect the end-to-end journey of a service request from submission through to fulfilment.

The tool is flexible and adaptable. We will respond to your feedback and incrementally improve Service One throughout 2018.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about how to use Service One please contact the IDS Service Desk or use the Provide Feedback / Service Request Idea button on the Service One Homepage.